For many people the purchase of land, and later construction of the house, means the largest investment of their lives.  That is why you should have peace of mind, and a lot of information to make the best decision.

An architect, Andrés Elizondo, suggests the first things that should be done are to be well informed about the region, the specific place where they are going to buy, access to services, and history of the area.

Elizondo goes on to suggest, “the purchase of land is an investment that should be very well thought out.  Consider the many options. In the end, make an informed decision so as not to have problems in the future, such as purchasing the land, and then finding out that access to drinking water is limited”.

Here are some essential tips to consider when acquiring land:

What’s the reason: Buying land is different than buying a home, and its acquisition is followed by a whole series of questions and concerns.  Why buy the land? Do you want to build a house on it? Are you buying with the hopes of increasing the value of the land over time? The answers to all these questions come with risks and specific considerations.

Legal documents that match: Carefully read the legal documents about the land. Make sure that the data is correct. Check that the measurements the documents list are the same measurements as seen on the land.

Use of land: Visit the municipal office that corresponds to the property, and verify that the property has permission to build on it. In the event that you are not allowed to build, you will have to look for land in another location.

Geographical area: Talk with the neighbors in the area to determine if there are floods at certain times of the year, the possibility of collapse, or any other natural phenomenon. Investigate whether there are businesses, restaurants, or stores nearby. These factors can help to determine your decision to buy that land, or find an even better one.

Access to services: Confirm that the area you are looking at has green areas, lighting, sewerage, as well as the services to which you will have access to once build your house.

Final Analysis: Consider the pros and cons of buying the land according to what interests you most. Remember that everything you choose must meet your budget. Project what costs you will generate in the short, medium and long term, and how you will finance the construction of your future home.

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