According to Steven Madrigal, General Manager at, “the trend of the property market for the first half of this year shows a strong improvement over 2015.  There is increased activity in both real estate development companies who are showcasing their innovations in their final products, as well as better offers from the local banks.” Madrigal added that, in January, there was an increase of 85% in contacts between advertisers and people looking to sell or rent a property, which also speaks of the increasing dynamism at this time.

If you are one of those looking to sell or rent your current home, here is some valuable advice on how to create a successful outcome.

Investigate the market to determine how to set a competitive price. If you list a high price on your home, you could end up waiting several months before getting a “Sold” on your sell or rent listing. There are online tools that allow you to get an accurate view of the real estate market in the area where you are looking to sell or rent.  Madrigal explains that users can search by sector, and determine the average price per square meter.

Prepare your home for photographs and visits.  It is recommended that sellers allow about 90 days for repairs and renovations before entering the market.  It is important to take pictures with the minimum amount of personal items, and it is best to take pictures with few frills.  Add items like flowers, carpets, or new towels. Small details make the difference.

The ad should be descriptive.  Most people place ad headlines like: “Cute house with large yard”.  But those who are looking to sell or rent should match the description of the property with what potential buyers or renters are looking for.  It is best to describe the house they would be looking at with more details, such as “Apartment with two rooms in Escazu”.

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