The Mixed-Use Complex located in La Aurora de Heredia, opened its doors with the aim of being a planned community, offering housing solutions from 43 to 90 square meters, with different architectural styles, subway parking, commercial area, offices, and amenities. All this integrated around a central square with large green areas, in a more comfortable and safer environment.

Developed by Cuestamoras Urbanismo, Santa Verde stands out for being a city that incorporates the design of urban spaces, in which the traditional and the modern styles converge.

Santa Verde common areas

Santa Verde will have the first Gastronomic Market in Heredia, where visitors can enjoy 11 different culinary experiences, such as Spanish Tapas Capers, Black Tap, California, El Mero, Guacamole, Il Mercato, Illig Biergarten, La Choripanería, La Pataconería, Manpuku Sushi, and The Whisk.

The Complex has 172 housing units, offices and 17 commercial establishments, among which stand out: Santa Verde Market (convenience store), Bright Beginnings, Claro, Davivienda, Dr. Jimmy, La Bomba Pharmacy, La Ventanita de Rostipollos, Echandi Laboratories, Le Bebé, MultiSpa, Vision Optics, Presto Laundry, Pops, NOTEME Beauty Salon, Super Salon, and Vork Barbier.

For Hernán Raúl Martínez, Leader of the Cuestamoras Alliance – Urbana Partners, this project reflects the transcendental purpose of Cuestamoras Urbanismo to create sustainable alternatives of good living, through the development of urban, integrated, organic and vibrant communities. “The mixed and vertical use, the human scale, the proximity, and the common spaces will allow the tenants and owners of Santa Verde, to experience a higher quality of life, with shorter distances to go to work, go shopping, or entertain”, Martínez said.

In addition, the Mixed-Use Complex is the first project of this type to receive the Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiency (EDGE) certification in Costa Rica, which applies to green buildings, which have a minimum saving of 20% in energy consumption, water, and energy incorporated in building materials.

The recognition was achieved thanks to practical solutions such as low energy consumption lighting, thermal glasses, accessories that conserve water, comfortable spaces with good ventilation and abundant natural light; what will allow the residents of Santa Verde, to see reflected optimizations at the level of water and energy consumption vs. a conventional building; as well as access to green credits, with much more competitive interest rates.

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