Real estate asset has come into the stage as the new Etherum Smart-Contracts which is a system that applies technologies belonging to Blockchain in order to benefit the Real estate industry. Etherum Smart- Contracts gives global access to investment in real estate because there are lower barriers which at the same time, improve the market liquidity.

By creating rental, this new method looks to be an effective way to invest and secure the value of more than 100 billion dollars in real estate.

Surely, there are key ideas. They have been shortlisted below.

  • The diversification of the portfolio of some valuable properties in order to create a higher value reflected in the capital gains and income.
  • Spot better opportunities in the real estate industry. This will absolutely generate higher returns.
  • Analyze the investment in order to generate more income. This idea focuses on prime locations intended to generate sustainable cash flows.


Income and value appreciation

In November this year, a new online platform will be available for all users willing to invest in real estate. This time, nobody will need to fish out money from their pockets to invest in real estate because it will be possible for them to use REAL tokens for that.

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