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From stunningly beautiful beaches, to lush rainforests and from impressive volcanoes and mountain ranges to national parks teeming with life, Costa Rica has something for everyone. Yet unbeknownst to many, Costa Rica is more than a tourist destination. It is also a land of prime real estate and business opportunities. One of these opportunities is Columbus Heights Estates near Hermosa Beach in Jacó.

Tourism and Real Estate

In the past, Costa Rica was known mainly as a producer and exporter of bananas, pineapples and coffee. Nowadays, while agriculture is still going strong, other industries have come to bear on its economy. Tourism has become one of the country’s main sources of hard currency. This booming sector has contributed to create a market niche and a demand for real estate in order to cater for the tourists that visit the country. As a result, tourism and real estate go hand in hand.

Most people come looking for an unforgettable vacation, full of adventure and exotic experiences. They come from all walks of life: retirees, surfers, nature enthusiasts, families, nomads or those who just desire to be in a simpler, sunny place to enjoy life. Many of these visitors fall in love with the country. Often, they decide to settle here and make a real estate investment.

Columbus Heights

San Gabriel Waterfalls: One Of Costa Rica’s Undiscovered Gems

Real Estate in Costa Rica

Costa Rica has an amazing variety of places to choose from when prime real estate is what you need. There are many reasons for investing in this country. Here’s five:

  • For years now Costa Rica has enjoyed a stable economy and a strong democracy. In general, the country’s quality of life is ranked among the highest in the world.
  • The prices are reasonable. The local real estate market is not as expensive as in the United States or Canada.
  • Local laws are clear. For instance, the status of residence is not a requirement to own real estate in Costa Rica. It is possible and totally legal for non residents to make investments in real estate, as they are treated in the same way as residents.
  • There are many areas, all over the country, with great potential for growth and development.

If to these you add the country’s laid back attitude and the kindness of its people, then Costa Rica is a regular tropical paradise and an excellent place to invest in.

Discover Columbus

Columbus Heights Estates is located near Playa Hermosa. It is a closed, gated complex, with 8 kilometers of cobbled streets, fire hydrants and all you need to start building your dream house. Perfect for those looking to build and rent throughout the year and thus have an income producing property.

Hotel Tierra Del Fuego

Columbus Facts

  • The complex is surrounded by great landscapes. “1492: Conquest of Paradise”, a 2013 movie directed by Riddley Scott, was partly filmed in Herradura and on this area. That is the origin of the community’s name.
  • Also known as Hermosa Beach, Playa Hermosa is just a few minutes away from Columbus Heights Estates. It is a favorite destination for surfers. The beach is host to a yearly international pro surfing competition and in 2016 was the venue for the World Surf Tournament.
  • There is an adventure park, Ocean Ranch Park, directly across the street from Columbus Heights.

So, if you want to create your own place, one where you can change your lifestyle and get away from the demands of first world living, we have the right one for you.

At Columbus Heights Estates, we have the best deals per square meter of the entire Playa Hermosa. We are just over an hour drive from San Jose, the capital.

And don’t worry about the paperwork. We will take care of it.
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The community of Columbus Heights Estates is so convinced that you will love to live there that, for a limited time only, alll closing costs are on them.

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