With an ocean on both sides of the country, Costa Rica is a perfect destination for fishing vacation. The Costa Rican geography is privileged with the different ocean in the opposite coasts. You can go to saltwater or freshwater route with the plenty of Costa Rica Fishing destinations and charters to choose from on both Pacific Coasts and Atlantic Ocean. You can choose to be in Guanacaste Costa Rica fishing one day and on the Caribbean on the blue fishing on the next morning. If you want to find out what will be the best time to fish in costa rica then surprisingly its differ in various part of the country. Like if you want to fish Mahi Mahi which was from May to October in Northern Pacific but its peak season in Central Pacific is May. Big fishing in Costa Rica is a popular sport in the country. Fish are so plentiful offshore and inshore, no wonder Costa Rica is famous. Here you will find blue or black marlin, tuna, Wahoo, Dorado, roosterfish, and sailfish.

One of the food highlights on Guanacaste is the seafood. First of all, the food in Costa Rica is natural, fresh, unprocessed and most especially delicious. Due to beachfront facility, abundant supply of delicious fresh seafood from local fishermen is brought every day. The abundance of freshly caught seafood in Costa Rica is endless. Beautiful grilled shrimp, fresh Mahi Mahi, all completed with the few garnishes, reminding of how quality ingredients are needed for clean and good food.

The food is fresh and magnificent. It serves most delicious ceviche savoring the fresh fish in every bite. Open air dining is another highlight about Costa Rica. In each case, the food is fresh and flavorful. Of course, one could not forget the fresh seafood which is a staple in the Costa Rican cuisine although it is more readily available near the coasts of Costa Rica. The fish is the ultimate choice for the standard Costa Rican restaurant that is locally caught in the sea. Many of the restaurants face the beautiful beach so while waiting for food, you can play in the white sand or even admire the beautiful sunset of the region.

One Reason to Live in Costa Rica is because of the place has an abundant supply of fresh seafood including Mahi Mahi, shrimp, tuna, and sea bass. All kinds of tropical fruits and vegetables are grown in the country. Costa Rica is a little piece of paradise lying in between Panama and Nicaragua where democracy and political stability flourish and violent crime is really unknown on the place. Living there for American retirees is easy, fun, and simple. Right now there are lots of Americans who wants to Retire in Costa Rica because of the affordable cost of living.

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